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After moving from Toronto to Collingwood we wanted to get a pool for our family to enjoy. We knew we wanted something with outstanding quality, with a modern aesthetic and that was easy to maintain. Working with Leisure Pools we got a first hand education in pool installation.

After our pool was installed it quickly gained interest and was entered in swim spa of the year. This led to a flood of friends and colleagues wanting the same quality pool for their families.

With Micah’s 15 years of experience in real-estate and Lindsay career in design and renovation, it felt like a perfect fit to become exclusive distributors of Leisure Pools in Collingwood and the surrounding areas. Because we are Leisure Pool owners we stand behind the quality of our product and know it is the best choice for your family.


We now have an expert team ready to plan and install your dream backyard, including:

  • A full design team - an experienced landscape designer, a landscape architect, and 4 landscaping teams
  • A construction site Project Manager with decades of experience
  • An experienced installation team
  • A General Contractor
  • Certified electricians
  • Certified gas technicians


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